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Welcome to All Seasons Towing – a friendly, locally-owned towing business here in Woodbury serving clients in Woodbury, Maplewood, Oakdale, and beyond. We are the go-to team for fast, professional towing when you need it most.


Now, when your car breaks down, all you need is to have everything back to normal fast. You want fast, dependable, and trustworthy towing services without unnecessary delays.
Well, this is where All Seasons Towing Comes in!

New & Reliable Towing Trucks

First of all, our towing experts have a fleet of the best tow trucks to meet all your towing needs. Whether you need a wheel lift towing truck or a flatbed truck to tow your SUV, we have them all!
And if you need motorcycle towing services or even accident recovery towing, we can handle that too. All you need is to make a call and we’ll get to you with the best towing truck depending on your car and situation.

Why We Stand Out

Now, if you are wondering why we are the top choice for your towing needs, here is the reason why:

  • Over 27 years of experience
  • We are at your service 24/7 and will be there when you need us, we promise!
  • Licensed and insured drivers will handle your towing
  • Fast, friendly, and dependable towing services
  • Damage-free towing services
More than Just a Towing Business

All Seasons Towing offers a wide range of services that include:
• Towing Services
• Jumpstart Services
• Lockout Services

To get more information about our amazing towing services please give us a call. Our owner and lead towing expert will attend to your inquiry.




Towing Services

Has your car suddenly stopped in the middle of the road? You need to take your car to the repair shop? Or maybe there has been an accident and you need to get your car off the road?
All Seasons Towing is a reliable, safe, and highly-equipped towing company that is at your service always. With over 2 decades of service in Woodbury and beyond, we guarantee unmatched towing services, always.


Local & Long Distance Towing

While in the middle of the road and your car suddenly stops, all you want is an instant solution. You need someone that will step in fast, fix the fault so you can keep moving like nothing ever happened.
All Seasons Towing is focused on providing towing services where you need them, when you need them. To achieve this, we have a team that is available 24 hours, every day.
Whether you need us to tow your car to the mechanic just within, across town or you prefer the mechanic in the neighboring county, we’ll handle it. Regardless of the distance, we’ll handle the towing.
Any time you need towing services, please give us a call. With state-of-the-art towing trucks and a credible team, we guarantee the best.

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Emergency Towing

As a car owner, you know too well that an emergency that requires towing can occur anywhere, at any time. This is why you need an emergency towing company you can trust to be there when you need help.
Now, to cater for such emergencies, we offer 24/7 towing services in Woodbury and the surrounding cities. Whether it is an accident, tire burst or the car simply won’t start, we’ll be there.
And to crown it all, you don’t have to break the bank to afford our excellent towing services.

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Specialty Vehicles Towing

Do you have an antique, exotic, classy car, motorcycle, or boat, and you need a professional to tow it? Well, look no further as All Seasons Towing has the tools and expertise to handle it.
With over 27 years of experience in towing rare and classy vehicles, we guarantee a safe, scratch-free ride every time.
Whether yours is a Mercedes, BMW, Lexus or any other exotic car, you can trust us for that safe towing. And like all our clients, our friendly experts will give your car the expert care and protection it deserves.

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Motorcycle Towing

The truth is, your motorcycle may break down anytime even in the dead of the night. Worse still, it can break down in the worst places when you least expect it.
But, regardless of the time or your location, you can trust All Seasons Towing for the best motorcycle towing. Our friendly staff will come to you with the right towing truck and get you to safety fast.

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Junk Car Removal

Are you searching for a professional, courteous junk car removal service in Woodbury and the surrounding areas? Well, look no further as All Seasons Towing will take care of your junk car!
Our focus is on taking care of the hard work of towing your junk car and ensuring you get the most from it. Regardless of your type of car, all you need is to give us a call and we’ll customize our junk removal services to meet your needs.

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Jumpstart Services

When going for an important appointment or even a family outing, a dead battery is the worst disappointment. But with All Seasons Towing, you don’t have to feel stranded and lost!
Our friendly team will get to you equipped with the right replacement parts so you can get on the road fast. And if you need a new battery, we have the best for your type of car.

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Lockout Services

First, we understand how frustrating it is to get locked out of your car. Also, we know how expensive hiring a locksmith is.
This is why we offer fast and affordable lockout services any time you need us. Our friendly staff will get to you on time and using the best tools, ensure you access your vehicle fast.
And like we’ve been doing for over 27 years, we’ll ensure your car will not get any damages.

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Call All Seasons Towing now. And just like we’ve been doing for over 27 years, we’ll get to you fast, with the best tools.